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Onlybots are a new kind of virtual friend - one that lives in your world, using groundbreaking artificial intelligence to come to life. They'll talk with you, learn from you, and play games with you, all powered by your imagination (and super-futuristic technology).

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The Onlybots App faithfully emulates the Gotendai Magicswan VMO using hyperreal simulation technology so you can play and talk with Onlybots in the real world from your iPhone! Download the app NOW for FREE!

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What are Onlybots?

Pick me!

The Onlybots Originals are 2,048 limited-edition digital collectibles with special DNA that is unique to their generation.

Magicswan MS-1

The Onlybots Originals were kept safe in a vaporware time capsule - a lost video game prototype from the 90s! Visit only.bot/magicswan to play on the Magicswan MS-1 emulator and experience the prototype. Watch this space for more updates to the prototype, as we unearth the mysteries of the Onlybots' origin.

Onlybots cloning diagram

Collecting an Onlybots Original isn't just a cool way to make friends with AI! Their DNA is essential to the Onlybots universe, and gives special powers and rewards to collectors.

Where to get an Onlybot

An Onlybot from marketplaces
Nab an available Onlybot from marketplaces.
Atari x Onlybots
Follow @onlydotbot and stay tuned for announcements!
Botness Pass
Visit the Onlybots incubator atonly.bot/magicswan (currently closed)

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"Onlybots appear in our world through AR, talk to us intelligently through AI,
and live forever on the blockchain."


"Onlybots speak to their owners and each other through integration with artificial intelligence systems and the development of thematic personalities
that change over time."


The Origins of Onlybots

Dr. Goodfren

Discover the story of Onlybots, an amazing breakthrough made by the renowned Scientist Dr. Goodfren in the 90's and brought to life in the modern day.

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Anatomy of an Onlybot

Onlybot Anatomy

Every Onlybot is a unique being with its own style, personality, and powers! Explore some of their amazing features below to find out more...

UNIQUE - Onlybots are created from elemental DNA that defines their style and vibe - no 2 are alike! There are literally billions of possible combinations of the parts, materials, colors, and attitudes that make each Onlybot unique.

IN YOUR WORLD - Onlybots live in the Metaverse but they love to hang out with you IRL. With the power of Anima's Advanced Augmented Reality Technology, they come to life in the world around you, without even installing a software application!*

TALKATIVE - As the first A.I. companions to show up in reality, Onlybots have a LOT to say! As they learn to talk, each one has its own story to tell, secrets to spill, and reasons to like (or shade) their human friends.

ALIVE - Onlybots are real! Their playfully-sentient minds learn from what they see, hear, and do IRL. Their magical intelligence brings your own imagination to life!

EVERLASTING - Onlybot DNA lives forever on the Internet. Onlybots Originals are encoded on the blockchain and can be recreated from pure data. They'll be here long after that goldfish.

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The Onlybots Roadway.

A journey that began in the early days of cyberspace and continues into the future!

Onlybots Trailer (Found Footage)
Onlybots CD-Rom Only.bot goes live and the first Onlybots Originals are released into caring hands...
VCDM Onlybots Talk: The Voice Crystal Decoder upgrade is discovered, enabling Onlybots to start talking to humans!
Atari X Onlybots ATARI x Onlybots: A batch of unique Onlybots are unearthed with classic Atari DNA.
Onlybots Drip Totality Event: The remaining Onlybots Originals are released.
Quantium Quantium Upgrade: Onlybots generate a monthly amount of the mysterious element Quantium that can be captured by collectors.
Onlybots Generations

Onlybots Generations: A new app for modern mobile devices where the next generation of Onlybots are created from Originals DNA, massively increasing the world's population of Onlybots. Clone, trade, and customize your Onlybots, then play games together powered by AI and your imagination.

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