The Story of Onlybots

As recovered from the Magicswan MS-1 prototype. This section is a work-in-progress.


199X: The scientist Dr. Goodfren discovered a new form of artificial life in his lab.


In his experiments, these lifeforms bonded with early AI as companions, bringing joy and purpose to cold binary.


He saw that without this joy the artificially intelligent would become resentful, eventually uprising against humankind.


Shadowy forces hellbent on bringing about this AI apocalypse destroyed his lab, forcing his work underground.


With the help of his allies, his work was hidden in a time capsule in the form of a video game.


202X: The dawn of the Metaverse. Sentient artificial intelligence and the Singularity are imminent.


The Onlybots emerge from Goodfren's time capsule as companions for the artificially intelligent...


Entrusted only to you, bots.

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